Let the Nations Burn!

by | Dec 2, 2014

Miracles, Signs an Wonders in France

I expect signs to happen where I go these days, after all Jesus told us that we should expect signs to follow us. Some signs are like whispers on the wind, easily missed but at other times it seems that God is roaring like an approaching hurricane. That’s how it was recently in France.
I have just returned from eleven glorious days in France. I was in three cities Rennes, Nantes and Toulouse. God is on the move powerfully in France raising up faith-filled supernatural churches across the nation. In each city I visited we saw people saved, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit and encountering the presence of God in diverse and wonderful ways. Many people were filled with joy or found themselves totally overcome by presence of God “drunk in the Spirit” It was a really fun time.

A Sign that made me Wonder
One thing will remain in my memory for a long time however. While I was in Nantes I went for a walk in the city centre early one morning and was surprised to see that many of the shop windows in the city centre had been smashed or vandalised. When I came into the town square I found that there where crews from the municipality cleaning up and removing slogans that had been graffitied onto the fountain and buildings. It turned out that the previous day there had been a riot in town. The slogan emblazoned on the walls was “Que La France Brule! “-“Let France Burn” A few days later I was in Toulouse teaching at the National Healing Rooms conference when I saw on the news that another riot had broken out this time in Toulouse. I found out later that whilst I had been in Rennes there had been a riot there too! I have learned to stop and take note when the unusual occurs around me and to ask the Holy Spirit if there is some significance to what is happening. God lead me to 1 Chron 7 and that night at the final session of the Healing rooms conference I preached a prophetic message for France inspired by the events happening in the nation.
(NKJV) 1 When Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the Lord filled the temple.
Let France and the nations of the earth burn with fire falling from heaven, not fires of destruction and mayhem but fires of his presence which reveal the goodness and mercy of God to the nations of the world. The presence of God which once filled Solomon’s temple inspired the people to worship God and to cry out that God was good and merciful. Today, we ARE the temple and God wants to fill us with his presence and to manifest his glory on us so that once again nations will turn and find God. It is time for the bride of Christ, the church to claim the promise in vs 14
(NKJV) 14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
We are the people of God and if we turn to him in this time his glory will fill the nations and heal whole nations. France is awakening, the French church is stirring, repenting, praying and the glory is beginning to fill the temple of the bride of Christ. Great days are ahead. Let France Burn for the bride!

A woman from Rennes testified that she had been healed from a thyroid condition that caused her throat to swell painfully when she ate. Two days after she received prayer she reported no more symptoms whatsoever. Another woman, a new believer found deliverance from a burden that was causing her deep distress. Since the birth of her daughter 18 months beforehand she had continued to have a feeling of being pregnant, of not having given birth at all. As a result she was suffering from deep depression and was struggling to bond with the little girl God gave her. During ministry time God lead me to pray for her womb when I did so she fell to the floor and went through a birthing experience, and the oppression she had been plagued by for more than a year disappeared. That night her baby was awake for much of the night but instead of being frustrated by missing out on her sleep this young mother testified that she spent the night looking into the face of her daughter marvelling, in love, as God whispered in her spirit “Look at your baby, she’s in your arms” There were many other testimonies too but the letter would be too long if I wrote them all to you now.

Favour for the Church in Nantes
Our friends at Epée church in Nantes have had such a glorious break through. This pioneering body of believers have met for years in homes and have been seeking a place of their own, a place where they can meet together, pray together and better serve their city with the healing rooms that they have started and with the various outreaches they have implemented in their city. Late last year quiet miraculously God opened the way for them to acquire a unique property which will become the centre of their future work in the city. As I toured the grounds I couldn’t help but be infected by their faith and vision for what God is going to do. Pastor Didier took me through an old attic/barn on the property it was filled with lost and forgotten objects that seemed to point to it’s significance.

Healing rooms conference in Toulouse.


Such great Fun to Minister with God’s Barman Chuck Parry and The Adams Family (Julian and Katia)


The conference in Toulouse was a very powerful and significant time. Healing rooms teams from across France came together for a time of equipping and impartation. From the first session the presence of God was thick! With each of us bringing a different aspect it felt like God was pouring out blended wine as a result not only did many people experience radical life changing encounters with the Spirit of God but on the last day of the conference people lined up to testify to having received healing during the times of ministry. It was a time of signs. Wonders and miracles.
My final day in France I ministered in a country church in Villeneuve. It was a “café et croissants” service where the church had laid on a breakfast and invited their neighbours to attend. I shared my story and invited people to follow Jesus. About 16 people committed themselves to God that morning. We also saw a number of people testify to being healed during the ministry time.

Kingdom Connections, The Mission, Vacaville, USA
Debbie and I reunited in Vacaville, California. Debbie arrived before me and enjoyed a couple of days of connecting, reconnecting and receiving input from people from all over the world. She got to attend “A Day with Bill Johnson” at the Mission which was inspiring and refreshing and then she and I attended “Kingdom Connections” together. It was such a fun and inspiring time together. We went on to the Bethel leaders advance and had a wonderful time in the presence with hungry revival leaders from literally all over the world. It is awe inspiring to see what God is doing in our day!

Ministry in California
We completed the trip by ministering at two churches. We had the joy of ministering together at the Mission School of the Supernatural, one of my favourite places in the world to teach due to the hunger and openness of the people. On Sunday Morning I ministered at the Mission whilst Debbie was in Vallejo with our friends at Northbay Foursquare Church, Fosh and Debbie Fuller then we swapped with Debbie ministering at the Mission and I preached at Northbay to a combined meeting of 7 different ministries. God came in power and presence. A really fun Sunday!
This was the testimony of Pastor Fosh
“We were so blessed to have Nigel and Debbie with us recently.
The teaching and impartation was wonderful and our people were challenged and encouraged. In the evening service we had 7 churches represented. There were several pastors and their people who were so hungry for a touch from God that they kept coming forward for more prayer. Two pastors were so touched by the power of the Spirit that they could not walk or even stand and were shaking with the presence!
One lady who is a Bishop in her church was completely healed of issues with her knees. She hasn’t been able to bend them without pain for two years. After Nigel prayer for her all the pain left and she began running around the church. An hour later she was still doing knee bends and weeping with joy. Another lady was healed of a painful boil on her foot that was scheduled for surgery. As Debbie (Fuller) prayer for her, she felt the boil disappear as all the swelling and pain left!
There were other testimonies of joy, healing and fresh impartation as well.


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