Discover God’s Presence

in everyday life

This is NO ORDINARY LIFE.  It is an ADVENTURE; every day an opportunity to discover more of GOD’S heart, pursuing and encountering His PRESENCE, His beautiful and multi-faceted face, in the places and people we happen upon; making a DIFFERENCE along the way by no ordinary means, rather the EXTRAORDINARY. Loving LIVING, and living LOVE.


Life flows through connection! We have a strong emphasis on connecting with God and one another. In the book of Acts we read that the early church met together in small groups and in the temple courts. Join us during the week and on Sunday mornings as we connect with heaven and grow together in God.


Breathe is a movement, stretch and biblical meditation class designed to help you pause the busyness of life, take a breath and reconnect you with the true source of rest and peace, leading you into an encounter with God to revive, restore and reset your body, soul & spirit.


This is the time to get equipped to be one who knows the word of God and the ways of God’s spirit so that you can take your place in the joy-filled army of love that God is releasing to operate in power, signs and wonders and shine his truth in the darkness. Infinite School of the Spirit will build your biblical foundations whilst releasing impartation and activating you in a life in the Holy Spirit so that you can live “No Ordinary Life”.


Monday night Art Encounters are a space designed to encounter God beyond only words and to explore a new and exciting avenue for God to speak to you.

Supernatural Foundations

Who are you? Why do you exist? Knowing the answers to these questions as well as the full inheritance you have access to, will determine your quality of life. It will empower you to live the complete and overflowing existence God envisioned for you—a life that is beyond your natural attainment—a supernatural life, vibrant and fulfilling.

This book is a concise study that can be used as a personal daily devotional, or be equally useful as a guided study for groups.


Nigel and Debbie Desmond, young, in love and full of starry-eyed dreams are unprepared for a series of adversities which shake the very foundations of their happiness. Their distress following the miscarriage of their first baby, the un-expected death of a close family member, a disastrous holiday, the sudden onset of panic attacks and surviving a few bomb scares leaves them disillusioned, traumatised and exhausted.

The Stable Stories

Series of Illustrated Children’s Books Perfect for the Whole Family

Nigel and Debbie's Podcast

Inspiring and life changing messages by Nigel, Debbie and others.