Dreams coming true!

by | Nov 7, 2010

Taking Fire to the Nations!

It is hard to explain just how I feel at the moment. I am sitting in my bed room in the home of a brother who I only met earlier tonight, the presence of God is hovering so intensely that my legs are buzzing, and I realize that I am beginning to experience the dream I have carried in my heart of being used by God to carry his presence out into the nations.

The last few days are a haze of blessings, impartation, and ministry. Myself and the team have been on the giving and receiving end of prayer and impartation everywhere we have gone. It has been wonderful. The tangible atmosphere of glory in Redding seems to permeate the whole city, and makes ministry both fun and effortless. On Wednesday we went over to “Sound Wisdom” Bethel’s media department to pray and prophesy over them and the glory of God fell! We experienced the manifest love of God in joy, prophesy, healings! On Thursday we hired a car and drove to Chico to attend the LDP retreat. We arrived tired, but God had blessings in store for us as we spent time with about 150 revival hungry, glory friendly God seekers from all over the world. We got to hear the stories and testimonies of so my awesome people. One of my best things was reconnecting with Jim and Julie Nelms who pastor a church in Honduras. They have a church which is largely composed of children below the age of 12 but that does not stop them from mixing in power, signs and wonders. Whilst they were away they left the church in the hands of two 12 years olds, and apparently things are going great back at home. the kids are fearlessly bringing the power and the presence of God to the island on which they live! yeah God!

This morning we attended the Healing rooms at Bethel, we never got into the healing room as after soaking for some time we ran into Joaquin Evans and went to Hebrews (The church’s coffee shop) we chatted. Soon we ended up praying, prophesying, and encountering God together. It was really powerful!

After that we hit the road for Vallejo, our next ministry assignment after a 3 hour drive we stopped off at the home of King Love and his beautiful Queen, a.k.a. Rob and Michelle Harris, and were treated to and awesome Barbeque! It was hard to swallow my African pride and admit that it was every bit as good as our Braai’s back home but it was very easy to swallow the tender steaks Rob had prepared!

Tonight with met with the leaders of Northbay Foursquare church, in Vallejo. After brief introductions, a bit of worship and testimonies shared by our team I shared brief word and then we prayed for impartartation and the glory came. As the presence of God filled the room I was immediately drawn to pray for a 10 month old baby who was gurgling in front of me, I sensed she wass being touched by God and filled with joy. As I prayed for her joy hit her father who was holding her, soon joy spread across the whole room. It wasn’t long before the majority of the team where lying in the glory on the floor.

One of the ladies there got covered with gold dust literally from head to foot. It was beautiful to see her sparkling with gold whilst sitting on the floor quite overcome by the presence of God. After that a number of other people also had gold dust manifest on their hands, faces and bodies! Aother lady who was suffering from a painful wrist got completely healed when I prayed for her. It was a glorious night!

It is late now, I am feeling a little tired but I will go to bed grateful, happy and aware that all this is part of God causing his face to shine apron me for no other reason than the fact that he loves me and he is good. I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be another great day!

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