Au Revoir Toulouse

by | Sep 26, 2011


The countryside that we are passing through is some of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. Plowed fields, vineyards, orchards race past our window in the surprising heat of this autumn day. Every now and then a small town or village follows desperate to catch up. Sadly the woman next to me cannot share the beauty parading past, she has been blind for the last 10 years.

Our time in France has been so much fun God has been meeting us and blessing us everywhere we go. The meetings in Toulouse were so full of the presence of God. On Friday and Saturday we met with the young people of FJ (King’s Kids) and we had a wonderful time. The manifested presence of God hung in the air so tangibly that almost all the Kids were touched in one way or another. We ministered prophetically on and off for most of the day on Saturday and the report back we got was that we were right on target. It was awesome to see kids coming alive as they heard how God saw them, as the day wore on the presence grew stronger and stronger until there were puddles of drunken, laughing people everywhere, normally with a member of our team under the pile!

One girl walked late into the meetings and as she walked into the room she walked up to Gotz and burst into tears. She was wanting God to speak to her. Gotz and the FJ leaders prayed for her and gave her beautiful words about dancing for Jesus. Later I happened to bump into the same girl and I asked if I could pray for her. I too had a picture of her dancing on a stage for Jesus, despite the fact that I hadn’t spoken to Gotz or any others. We found out she is a classically trained Ballet student and she had come to the meetings to ask God if she should continue to pursue her dance career, it was the one question on her mind! Later Belinda gave her a prophetic painting of a dancer she had done in SA that she felt she should bring with her. Tears welled up in her lovely eyes as it hit her that someone had painted a paiting of a ballet dancer in Africa and brought it all the way to Toulouse just for her! God poured his love into her. She is just one of the many treasures we got to meet in the meetings.

On Sunday morning I had the privilege of ministering in the Assembly Chritien de Toulouse, (ACT) I shared some of our story and on how to steward revival then we ended with a fire tunnel with the kids from FJ as the prayer servants. The glory fell as both young and old people experienced the love joy and power of the presence of the Lord. By the time we were finished the room was covered with happy drunks.

Another girl came to me as the Church wrapped up. She asked me why she never felt anything when the presence fell. She was really hurting. Belinda and I ministered to her for quite a while during which time Belinda led her in an experience with God in heaven. Then I felt to take her to her heavenly father. In a vision she saw Father God hugging her and began to cry softly for a few moments, then she apologized explaining that her Dad had never ever hugged her, So I asked can I give you a hug? As soon as I wrapped her in my arms this young girl began to weep as years of pain and alienation poured out of her and the love of God poured into her. By the end of our time a smile was wrapped on her beautiful face as she radiantly accepted the love of God for her.

Last night we went out to dinner with Cathy and Helene. Once again we just seemed to be in the company of angels, the presence of God was so thick that we were all drunk long before the single bottle of wine was opened. We laughed so much that Cathy keep on saying “shh you are going to wake up my mum” (Her mother had gone to bed early) It felt a lot like parties I went to as a teenager! What a fun night.

Now I am on my way to Geneva. I got to pray for a lady on my left who had a number of health problems. She had a very painful neck I prayed several times for her neck with no apparent result. We began to speak of other things, all of a sudden I felt heat in my ankle and asked if she had any issues in that area, she said yes that her whole right leg was really messed up so I prayed for her and her eyes went wide and she said I can feel the heat, then electricity, I have every expectation that she will be totally healed!!

Yes, I prayed for the lady who was blind, I shared our testimonies with her, it seemed like the whole carriage was listening. She also felt heat enter into her. We exchanged emails, I have a great sense of excitement in my heart.


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